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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

14/52 All That Glitters Isn't Gold

The blackness –IT- has gone thanks to the celebratory dinner upon a plate
Of tinfoil and cardboard dished out by the state.
While the money making drug companies’ pat their backs
Because they’ve made the blackness go
There’s something I want to tell you;
Something you should know.
All appears quite O.K. to those looking in
But underneath the surface are some questions that begin:
Is it right for them to take away feelings of life’s normal highs and lows?
Or to take away the enjoyment of sex and the creativity that good stress throws?
To make you feel tired and fatigued from the side effects
-Want to sleep all the time-
And gaining some weight I don’t feel quite so fine.
Once the honeymoon period ends and all has settled down
Becomes your habit for your lifetime but you question what you’ve found.
There appears that there is no chance to really reconsider
Society can’t have you with the blackness you’ll have nothing to deliver.
And when you ask for and explanation about the psychological pain,
They say that no one seems to understand enough about the brain,
But be grateful; for we invited you to that dinner
Which picked you up from feeling down, now your blackness has gone;
Shut up; be grateful and wear our
glittering tin foil crown.

15/52 The Game

I was grateful at the time
To be distracted from all my pain
But I realize now, I have become
Trapped within their game

They said to play their game
I must move in one direction; collect the handout along the way
Because to stop and go backwards
Would break their rules of play.

So I move with their other players
around and around the same path I tread
But like an endless circle
with no endpoint, I could carry on
their game until I’m dead

So I question where is their game's
endpoint? When do I know when I’ve
Won or lost? and what if I want
to change the game I play?
But they say:”we won’t play”…
“loosing at your game could be at our cost”.

So I realize now they provide
no real choice; they will not move
from their own comfort zone
and so if I were to find a game
where I feel I might win
I know I’ll be playing that game on my own.

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