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One Day The Butterfly will Fly

19/52 One Day The Butterfly Will Fly

Once a brightly coloured caterpillar
Enjoyed life beneath the sun
Filled by what life gave her
She felt like number one

Then one day IT came, IT began to tie her down
IT said: “Your journey’s path changes now-
Its time to wear my crown”

So deep within IT’s darkest of cocoon
She lay motionless for a while
Then learning to live with her fate
She practiced the weakest smile

For she had had to go deep within
To remember who she was in days gone by
And there she found an inner peaceful place
That was happy, loved and wise

Then she learnt to be a witness of that darkness deep inside
And whilst watching her emotions from a distance
She began to realize
That she had now reclaimed the dark and blackness
IT did not seem to bother her so deep
Perhaps there was some meaning to it like the blackness whilst you sleep

So, she began to take charge of her existence
There seemed to be a plan divine
She accepted that the darkness was part of her particular journey’s line

Then a blue sky of enlightenment descended over her
On the journey towards the bright morning star
Of the horizoned sky:
That the strength gained through the darkness
Could teach this butterfly to fly

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