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Immersed in Eternal Grey

20/52 Eternal Grey

Plod Bob Plod, the heads are all bobbing
Down the platform towards their offices

Flat Flat Flat, my head feels flat
This weeks an effort, am I heading towards a crisis?

Hang on and wait? Note the symptoms? What will I see?
Hang on and wait until I’ve tried 12 weeks of C.B.T?

I think about Christmas, will I have merriment and cheer?
Or will I have my sad head down immersed in tears and beer?

They plod and bob in the morning
Then eventually wake up to an exciting day

I plod and plod through the week immersed in eternal grey

(Further verse below added at a later date)


The grey turning to blackness is my concern
Need to take a day off work

I've been down this path so many times now no longer feel like a jerk.

If IT is depression,IT's got to be beaten so I remember from whence I've came. The journey I have travelled, The acceptance no longer shame.

So I read my inspirations and about my journey that has so far come to pass, and focus on the blackness of IT today:
I'm ready to kick IT's ass!

21/52 Trapped in a Grey Bubble

I’m trapped in a grey bubble, IT keeps me inside
I’ve nowhere to run , nowhere to hide
Those who come close see the tears and the pain
But I feel so ashamed as they watch helpless again.

I knew in my heart IT would be back
now I've choices to make to get me on track.
If I had loads of money leaving work would be fine
I could give myself plenty of self healing time

With child and work commitments; a mortgage and the bills
The quickest way out is to go back on those pills.
But they don’t cure all the ills.

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