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I sit and wait for the lights to come on

22/52 I Sit and Wait

A favourite pop song; I contemplate
on the words : ‘I sit and wait
does an angel contemplate my fate?’

I’ve felt well and full of energy
since I’ve had a break from the recent prescribed pills;
once they’re out of my body system
I no longer feel quite so ill

The Psych. says its likely to be coincidental
Perhaps he’s right and IT’s holiday has begun.
I also jest “as its summer, maybe
IT’s soaking up some summer sun.

So a contingency plan is actioned;
try another type of med,
but I’ve decided not to take it
unless I’m driven to my bed.

I’m enjoying being ME again;
Full of clarity-a creative, energized human soul-
Engaging in life from the heart
With an inner essence you cannot hold.

I don’t reminisce on the past,
plan the future deciding when or how
The best time I realize is
To focus on the very existence of the NOW

23/52 The Lights are On

The lights are on and someone’s home,
the thoughts are clear and I’m not afraid to phone
the friends and family I’d left outside the glass jar
as I retrace my tracks to reclaim what had been watched from afar.

I return back to a safe place, a happy place, its home,
Where ME, Myself and I are united once more.
There’s a friend that helped me,
and enabled me
I’m reluctant to reveal, but cannot deny
kept under cover
with the pseudonym of SSRI

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