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Getting a 'How to get divorced from IT' kit

I seem to be accepting IT
Is that something I should do ?
Although acceptance stops
the negative thoughts,
that I believe is true.
But what if there
really can be total freedom,
divorced completely away from IT ?
Then I must not give up my continued quest
and hope,
for a “ How to get divorced from IT” kit.

It’s been six months of struggling
Thinking,”what should I do about IT ?
I thought that IT was just popping by again,
Or maybe staying for just a bit.

But IT’s actually made itself at home
IT wants to be entertained.
I seem to be doing the things that IT wants to do
But how much longer can I sustain
The brazen way IT’s taken over my body ,soul and mind
IT’s stopped me living my life again
IT’s really quite a bind.

IT’s like a very spoilt child
Wants IT’s own way, an unstopable marauder
Trampling across the lanscape of my body ,soul and mind
IT’s totally out of order

I must learn to grab hold of IT
And place IT upon the naughty step
I must teach IT to behave itself,
Perhaps take guidance from a specialist rep.

I must do this now for my body, mind, and soul
So I can learn to be free
I've been too long battling against IT
Now I've been told IT’s name could also be Fibro. and M.E.

But does it make a difference knowing
that IT may have several names?
Well I guess being able to name and shame IT
Allows a raising of a finger or two of blame.

But what if IT had not come into my life
and we had not had our altercations,
What station would I have been at in life now?
Would I have experienced any form of transformation?

And what if I had never experienced
Being dragged down into IT’s pit and left to cry?
Would I have ever glimpsed those shinning lights
That reveals how every soul should fly?

So now I must learn a different way to fly
In order to tackle IT’s lists of mind and body pains
To learn and explore useful techniques and action plans
So that I can hang onto ME again.

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