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Containing IT When IT Awakes

Here I sit in my toxic world pondering the cause.
Layer upon layer of keeping up, fitting in, and of conform
Untill you take a pause
From the chaos that adapting to the stressors that toxic living does bestow
The chaos that infiltrates and smothers you so that you soul light
can no longer fly or grow
Into the uniqueness of it’s destiny, it’s cause, it’s path, it’s calling
Untill one day you realize you’ve forgotten your very sense of being.

So you struggle to peel away the toxic layers and to make amends
with your body, mind and soul; and to get rid of some old friends;
namely , those behaviour patterns that thought they were trying to protect
and help you to survive
In the toxic world around you from which you recoil and hide
But had infact stopped your souls purpose of becoming fully alive.

Now to readdress the balance of this toxic state of flow requires a commitment
And dedication at getting back to a healthy, healing state
from which a souls light can grow.
And in that very journey comes an extrodinary truth of knowing
That the path trod so far will encourage others to ‘wake up’
When they see your own soul’s light radiantly glowing.

The mind starts pacing,
it searches and runs
But what is it running From?

The mind starts trying to find the solution, the answer,
work out the meanings
But what is the puzzle?

The mind starts being fretful, it furrows the brow
and paints everything grey
But what is the sadness?

The mind causes a foreboding feeling, an anxiety,
a confusion, a turmoil
But what is it worried about?

Such anguish is not seen by you
Such anguish is hidden by me
Such anguish is contained by the world
Until it is squeezed out
One drop at a time
In tears

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