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Knowing the Dark, You Cherish the Light

‘Out of Crisis comes Transformation’, so that old adage will go,
Somehow, along our darkened journey, if we’re lucky,
A glimmer of sparkled light charges up
And allows a knowing to grow.

This sparkle of life is always around us, so the meta-physicians will say,
But we need to be blessed with one moment of clarity
to see it, to be touched by it, and then to allow it to stay

I’d say that to have known darkness makes you cherish the light more,
To understand sorrow makes you reach for those sad
And life itself becomes a quizzical journey of learning
(be a human being not doing ; how to live in the now ?)
so that we can leave life with regrets that are few or not to be had.
or not to be had.

And so it is along our road less travelled, that we clothe our- self
in learning: to accept; to overcome ;to manage; empower and to save,
so that the dark days are fewer along our life's journey
(where a wisdom descends like a night scented stock-reaching that point of balance and of calm)
To share with those who want to learn the way of those brave.

The dark pit’s now opened
IT’s blackness is revealed
The white light can shine in now
To release cocooned hearts trapped in stone

With hearts now freed open
A new life can begin
A blue sky is calling now
to release you butterflies to fly home.

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