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PAWS Cafe: The mental wellbeing place

PAWS Cafe:The mental wellbeing place

PAWS Cafe:The mental wellbeing place is currently a virtual and a pop-up place to bring mental health and mental wellbeing awareness to eveyone. We all have mental health just like physical health, so we should all maximise our mental as well as our physical wellbeing.

I founded the PAWS Cafe:The mental wellbeing place  out of my own personal experience of the mental anquish of depression.I tell my story through the website and my book A Blue Sky Is Calling (2017) .

Although I have never required hospitalization, and I was able to work full time when well, I felt I would have benefited from a drop-in place where I might find other like minded individuals. Individualds who are able to seek positive activities and self help to improve their mental health and wellbeing, and want to foster supportive relationships with each other, and towards their local communities in order to bring awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing throughout the life span.

I hope that PAWS Cafe:The mental wellbeing place will become an actual reality and become a comunity hub to visit ,for everybody and anybody that cares about having positive mental wellbeing. I hope that PAWS Cafe:The mental wellbeing place will be:

  • A place that encourages empowerment by using personal stories to enlighten others and to champion : that sharing experiences can help to decrease stigma, and that mental health is everbodys business.
  • A place of nurturing, refuge and creativity where life stories are listened to and peers can support and share their skills. 
  • A place where useful techniques, tools, therapies to calm the mind can be learnt/shared/experienced
  • A place where a health professonal can offer information, advice signposting and health coaching to wellbeing and self help.
  • A place where our Pawed friends are invited too.

 My story is now available via my book A Blue Sky Is Calling from April 2017. The book is a funraiser for mental health charities. I hope you would like to buy a signed copy to raise money for charity .Please visit the shop page of my website to order your copy.

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